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Mindset Mayhem!

Today's world is complicated and in your face, it is difficult to go a day without being attached to your mobile and seeing the vast display of activity on social media. No wonder a lot of us are distracted and overwhelmed.

I feel we are in a quick buck, instant gratification world where we have an unhealthy relationship with comparing ourselves with others and not focusing on ourselves.

In my opinion and I am not saying this as a whole but we have a society that seems to care way too much about faking it until you make it. We have lost sight of what we really want and what truly matters to us as individuals. This is due to the in-your face social media aspect which is having a huge effect on our mental health.

I speak from experience when it comes to managing mindset and mental health because I have been through this personally and I want to help you get free of your mind and make present decisions.

The first step to managing your mindset is to know one's SELF and this comes with awareness and being present. The simple fact that you're listening to an episode I hope will spark that self awareness, it is hugely important because it all stems back to this.

I have created a little model that will help you work on you and your mindset.

It is called:


S: Standards What is mean by this is to understand your values and I don’t mean social idealisms like trust, honesty etc because I feel that every human should be that way as much as possible, what I mean is what do you truly like doing, i.e. no matter what, you will do it and you do not have to be told or reminded of to do it.

Now it takes some time to sit down and work this out, what I would recommend you do is go and visit Dr Demartini’s website and you can determine your values through his Values test, it is completely free and well worth it spending time on it. I will put the link in the show notes.

E: Emotions This is probably the most important of all. If you do not have control over your emotions you do not have control. Thoughts become feelings and feelings become emotions unless you have the self awareness and are present with your thoughts you will not nip things in the bud, instead your mind is controlling you and you may do or say something you regret, you know what they say about regret it weight tonnes, whereas discipline weight ounces. Which one would you rather be carrying?

You can become more present by practicing meditation to quiet the mind. Now most people visualise someone sitting there with legs crossed and gently humming haha. This is a way of meditating but it might not be the best way for you. The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind so you can have true freedom. What I do is I may spend time tending to my garden or cleaning my car. Doing these things keeps me present and allows my mind to switch off. I also do regular breathing exercises and cold water exposure. Again it is to help calm my mind, because it can be hectic at times and I let it take over, so I have had to practice regularly to switch off and be present.

L: Learn This has two meanings, the first being you should be forever learning but making sure what you learn and take to action is the product of your own conclusion so you aren’t just following but modeling. The other meaning is that you don’t make mistakes or have failures, only lessons. Adversity is our greatest teacher and leaves a gift. As hard as it is to go through these perceived failures at the time they happen, it is important to be self aware enough to understand that these adversities are here to teach us something and that we need to implement those changes to progress in a better way that suits us.

F: Focus There is a great acronym for this Follow One Course Until Successful. Focus is difficult in the world we live in. As mentioned previously we live in an instant gratification world and with that brings impatience because we want everything now. Netflix, Amazon, Social Media and the list goes on. Everything is at our fingertips but not everything happens or works like that. Building a business, a property portfolio or even a career all takes time, even the influencers, as it takes time to build the audience and brand before they make money. Whatever it is you are trying to do focus on it, if you want to get out of a job you hate by doing property investment or setting up your own business you may have to be present at the JOB and when you are not have a focus on your secondary interest but remember it takes having a plan, being patient and a whole bunch of resilience. A way I keep focused is to get clarity on what I want so I know my goals and destination, then work on my plan.

I hope this has been of use and you can take these practical examples to use on becoming more self aware and managing your mindset.

Remember adversity is a seed to plant for future growth.

All the Best Dan

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