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Building on Solid Foundations:
A Practical guide to creating a winning Build Team! 

A Step by step guide to help you get the right people for your project.

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A Mini Video Series: 
A Practical guide to running a successful Home Improvement Project!

A Step by step guide to help you run a successful project.

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Project Support:
Supporting, guiding and advising alongside you through the journey of your project, as much or as little as your need!

Whether you need design and specification support or a one off site visit we are here to help. 

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Project Coordination:
A concept to completion service ensuring the project has a successful conclusion with your vision and expectations being met.

End to end from
to sign off let us do the leg work!


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Building on Solid Foundations:
A Practical guide to running a construction Business! 

A Step by step guide to help you get your business right.

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A Mini Video Series: 
A Practical guide to transistioning from trade to business owner

A Step by step guide to help you run a successful business.

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Strategy Session:
Supporting, guiding and advising with this one off Strategy session!

Looking at where you are now and then where you want to be by setting a plan into action.

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Construction Coaching:
6 coaching session 1:1 to help personally and prefessionally develop so you can move forward clarity, confidence and control.





Through coaching and consultancy, we help tradespeople navigate the transition from Soletrader to Business Owner. 


Always striving for a positive work-life balance, we'll identify your personal and professional goals, and explore how you can be the best version of yourself. 


For construction businesses looking to make improvements to their culture and staff wellbeing, we'll help develop your teams with group training sessions. 


As a new business owner or manager, you might feel overwhelmed at all the different things to oversee. With our help, you'll address each of the areas below, tailored to the needs of you and your business.


This is a traditional spreader foundation - what the Victorians and Edwardians used to build a solid base for any new construction. It forms a triangle - the strongest shape known to humankind. Get the foundation right, and everything else has a much better chance of staying strong. 


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Why Listen To Me?


Over the last 20 years I’ve seen building jobs go well and I’ve seen them go very, very badly. 


The worst could have been avoided, if only the communication and culture had been better. 


Every home improvement project has the potential to be a dream or a nightmare. My passion in life is helping others and I want to help you get the most from your project, because I've been where you are.


My career began on the tools, working as a tradesperson on a variety of projects. 


I've seen the building industry from a range of perspectives - as a homeowner and consumer, tradesperson and later in my career, as the main contractor.


It wasn’t until I experienced my own mental health crisis in the form of a nervous breakdown that my mindset shifted to one of gratitude. 


Mutual respect leads to harmonious and satisfying relationships on both sides. I created Building on Solid Foundations to support, empower and encourage people, whether you're a homeowner or a tradesperson.


Homeowners: Do you want to feel more supported and empowered in your project?


Tradespeople: Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?


You do?


Building on Solid Foundations has been in the making for the last 15 years learning through founder Dan Hulbert's failure and successes bringing in better practice within the industry and now wanting to share his wisdom, knowledge and experience with others. 

Our mission is simple but powerful and that is to transform the Uk domestic building industry one brick at a time through coaching, consultancy and training helping all that are involved in a building, refurb or renovation project. 

Our vision is to create courageous leaders in the industry, educate those undertaking a project with the right processes and communicate this Nationwide to bring the standards and profitability up which will entice the younger generation to follow construction as a profession.  


The domestic building industry is in need of change, there are others out there that feel the same.


This industry has a deep-rooted culture and approach, it could be so much more with the right philosophy, processes and people. 


When we get involved in a project or a person we take the responsibility personally, we understand the emotions that working on a project can bring up and we are there no matter what not only with our 20-plus years of experience but most importantly our solution-based thinking and willingness to see the project through.  


When you are venturing into something new with a knowledge gap, having support, advice and guidance in real time is important. This is where our practical approach is the difference between getting a problem solved or a problem turning into a disaster. There is an old saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” and it is ok to ask for help, it makes you a strong person. 


When you don’t communicate it can ruin a lot of good things, but if you flip this and communicate it can solve a lot of problems which leads to good things. This is why we act professionally right down to the way we communicate and it is key for a successful relationship and your project.

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